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Throw Back Thursday: to my first poem

Throw back Thursday!  I haven’t done this before and I think it is typically used for photos but I recently had a ‘laugh out loud’ moment that I thought I’d share.  My 3 year old wasn’t using her time wisely last week and I suddenly I remembered the lines to my first poem.  In the moment, I repeated the poem to her aloud.  She loves stories and rhymes so her ears perked up.  The entertainer in me came alive and I put some emotion into it.  By the end she smiled toothily at me.  “That made you laugh out loud?” you ask?  No, my husband’s sweet compliment after my performance threw me off guard and embarrassing situations tend to make me laugh (which tends to add to the embarrassment).  He thought it was ‘one of my best poems’.  Considering I wrote it free hand, at the age of 14, and with very little knowledge of meter or whatever else poetry needs, I’ll take his compliment.

I wrote the poem in a moment of moodiness regarding the grim reality that I’d have to grow up one day and there would be no going back to childhood freedom.  Now that I’m an adult, with children, and bills to pay, the moral of the poem is still dear to me.  I think, in this modern age of hurrying children to grow up and be little adults (not in the sense of more responsibility but in the sense of less play) we should remember that the short time children get to be children needs to be nurtured.  Innocence begets imagination, imagination begets dreams, and dreams will in time beget purpose and accomplishment.

Well, here it is.  Feel free to leave a comment … just be nice … please.  I hope you enjoy.

~ Time Doth Fly ~

Oft you hear your elders say

that time doth fly when you’re young and gay.

You nod and smile and take your leave.

for the truth in their statement you cannot yet conceive.

But, as you go along your merry way,

making memories day by day,

heed the words of the old and wise,

for through the years you’ll recognize,

that youth seems forever while being lived,

but it cannot ever be relived,

and as you become old and gray

oft you’ll hear your own self say

that time doth fly when you’re young and gay.

~ By: Emily Henson

Thanks for reading!  Now go play!


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