Peter coverPeter’s Chance

In E. A. Henson’s novel Peter’s Chance, Peter, an intelligent, ambitious, and mischievous he-elf, travels to the human world in disguise.  A narrow escape solidifies his judgment that humanity has become increasingly dark and hopeless. While his recently graduated friends stress and celebrate through the application process to the Factory, Peter feels a greater burden to change the behavior of humans. However, his revolutionary new ideas and short-sightedness may cause more harm than good. Entering a competition as a novice against elves with years of master-level experience, intimidating encounters with his rival, and a single Christmas letter suddenly turn his world, and his perspective, upside down.

Peter’s Chance is a refreshingly upbeat fantasy novel that captures the imagination through the intricacies of the elven world and draws the reader unconsciously into Peter’s search for justice, recognition, and identity. You will find yourself totally absorbed by a realm of chimney transportation, enhanced hearing, and a world-wide espionage system.

One reviewer says: “I was amused by the likable characters and their pranks. And the subtly woven in strands of wisdom and insight continue to surface and call me to deeper reflections on the nature of humanity, our choices, and our chance at redemption. Peter’s Chance became my chance this year to see Christmas (and all of those cheesy mall elves) in a whole new light.”

Tessa 1Tessa Collins and the Small Town Thief

A thief is on the loose in Tessa’s small town and clues to solving the case are sparse. When leads are going nowhere the thief unwittingly strikes close to Tessa’s heart. Now she’s doubly determined to catch whoever is behind the robberies. Will the slip of her best friend’s tongue ruin the only lead they had and will the small town thief get away?

An exciting detective thriller for young girls. A clean but engaging alternative, a breath of fresh air on the main stream market bookshelves. Tessa’s story is a great gift to girls from parents, grand parents, and teachers or a nice treat for a girl herself!

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One review says: “Tessa Collins is a character that will be relatable to young people everywhere. Intelligent, energetic, and incredibly persistent. Tessa is not the only gem in Henson’s book, as the author brings together a cast of fun characters.”