E.A. Henson

IMG_0044 (2)Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. I like reading heartwarming books that make me feel good. It can be hard to find that kind of feel-good book – so I started writing them!

I currently write books for Middle Grade and Young Adult readers with stories that  provide relatable characters that entice you away to their world for a while. I am working toward representation for my new, women’s fiction novel.

My goal as a writer is to present readers with a refreshing alternative to today’s mainstream literature. With value-based content, heroic characters, and engaging plot lines, I hope to foster a love of reading in audiences of all ages.

Her works include:

Peter’s Chance

Tessa Collins and the Small Town Thief

Tessa Collins and the Jaded Jewel Thief

 and some dabbling in poetry…

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