Books are vehicles to new experiences and perspectives. We want to feel good after immersing ourselves in them. I write feel good stories.


Tessa Collins and the Small Town Thief – “As a former literature teacher and a current homeschooling mother of three, I’m always on the lookout for contemporary authors to compliment the steady “diet” of classics we devour. I admire Henson’s attention to plot detail, lively dialog, and vibrant descriptions. I would recommend her books to upper elementary or lower middle school readers looking for a fast and fun story.

More praise for Tessa – “Tessa Collins is a character that will be relatable to young people everywhere. Intelligent, energetic, and incredibly persistent. Tessa is not the only gem in Henson’s book, as the author brings together a cast of fun characters. What I appreciate most about Henson’s writing is that the reader finds great action and story, but the whole experience is clean.”