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Here’s to you Tessaniacs!

Recently I had the privilege of meeting with an awesome group of girls to discuss Tessa Collins and The Small Town Thief.  They had read the novelette with their book club!  I was so impressed by their astute questions and delighted by how much they enjoyed reading the book.  Many of them said they couldn’t put it down.  What a way to make an author feel tremendous!!  To hear such enthusiasm from teenage girls about the book I wrote for them was …. a dream come true.

Tessaniacs 1

I asked them, among other things, to share with me their favorite part in the book and their favorite character.  Their answers sometimes surprised me.  Some of them enjoyed the supporting characters who made them laugh or reminded them of someone they knew.  Intimate scenes between Tessa and her dad were mentioned by a couple of the girls as their favorite scene over more memorable action in the book.  Apparently the story spoke in different ways to each of the girls.  The experience was so good for me as the author because I got to hear first hand their feedback and join in their excitement.

I want to continue to write good books for readers of all ages so I can spread the eagerness for reading I got to see when I was with my Tessaniacs.  Thanks girls!

Tessaniacs 2

If you haven’t read Tessa Collins and The Small Town Thief, you can do so here.  Download the file to your computer or E-reader today for only $.99!

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