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Tessa In Hard Copy!

IMG_0369Tessa Collins and The Small Town Thief is now available in HARD COPY here!

It is one thing to self-publish your book as an eReader, but seeing your book in the ‘flesh’ brings your hard work into a new realm of reality is truly is a dream come true!  I have so many people to thank for their help, prayers, and support.

A side note: Never undervalue a self-published author.  I used to.  When I heard someone had self-published, I would think, “What’s wrong with them?”  Self-published authors are sometimes placed into certain categories by people.  The Indie authors are either thought of as some kind of stubborn do-it-yourself-er, or believed to have enough money to fund themselves, or thought to not have good enough works to be backed by agents and publishers.  Well, news flash for me, they can also be regular people with not a lot of money who have stories to tell that are just different than what the average, main stream agent is looking for.  Thanks to companies like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, regular people like me can share my stories with the world.  I cannot thank Amazon and CreateSpace enough.  If it weren’t for companies like them, the growing number of Indie authors like me would still be struggling to find a ‘way in’.  While these companies make it possible to self-publish, they can’t supply the personal hard work, time, patience, and talent it takes to become a self-published author.  Kudos to all my fellow Indie authors!

If you enjoyed Tessa Collins and The Small Town Thief on your eReader, or haven’t had a chance to read this exciting detective story, you can buy the hard cover today for only $4.99!

Thank you to my fans.  I love that you love my stories.  Stay tuned for BIG news coming up!


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