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Instilling An Early Love of Books

At my very-sweet-and-not-demanding-at-all request, my husband recently built our 3 year old daughter a beautiful bookcase for her ever expanding collection of books!!  SHE LOVES TO READ! And that’s an understatement.  From an early age (and seeing as she’s only 3 I’m talking EARLY age here) she would gravitate toward books, asking us to read and re-read them over and over again, or we would find her flipping through the pages of a book in her room with a stack of others beside her.

A lovely bookcase for a lovely girl.

Like mother like daughter I guess because (and you can ask my mom and dad!) books were my compatriots.  As an army brat who often said goodbye to awesome groups of friends, I would turn back to the faithful pages of my favorite written works or find new ones to enjoy.

He even put a detailed footer and mixed a custom pink shade at home for the inside!!


Ooo, unexpected details!

Our daughter is in love with her one-of-a-kind, hand made bookshelf from her daddy and I’m in love with all the books fitting neatly on the shelves … until they end up on the floor again I guess.  With her avid love of reading, it’s only a matter of time before they’re strewn across her room, down the hallway, and into other rooms.  Oh, well.  When it gets quiet in the house, I can always find her using the trail of books to guide me and, inevitably, … she’ll be reading.


What’s your favorite book now? or What was your favorite go-to book growing up?  Please share in the comments below!