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To Celebrate or Not To Celebrate?? – Memorial Day

So, not to preach …. Well, okay, we can call it that.  But, let’s start with a guessing game because that’s always fun!!  National Hot Dog day? … Nope.  National BBQ day? … Nope, guess again.  National Celebrate Summer By Going Out of Town and Getting Stuck In Traffic for Three Hours day? … NO!

Today is Memorial Day.  Many don’t know exactly how to approach the day.  It has become a day of celebration and in a way that’s okay, but only in ‘A’ way and I’ll get to that.  Countless men and women have died to ensure that when you wake up each day in our glorious country you can freely enjoy many blessings, some you may not even realize you have.  We set aside one day out of the year to honor the soldiers who have fought and died for us and today is that day.  Celebration in their honor is appropriate.  So, have a BBQ, enjoy the poolside, but as you are taking in the day off of work or school, please take time to reflect on the many that laid down their lives so that you could do that.  They would want us to enjoy the day!

I wrote the poem below in memory of those who fought and died so bravely – the fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters who lost their most precious right – their right to life – for you and for me.  May their souls rest in peace and their memory live on forever.  HOOAH!

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~ Lines of Many ~

In lines of green and brown, grays and blues
all colors of honor, concealing hues,
have stood the many facing expectant dawn,
for freedom, family, or values, ready weapons drawn.

Into chaos, into hell, those lines of shades have gone,
before so ready, then so weary before the worst is done.
Yet, driving on, pressing on until the lines are broken,
till colors are muted, lines red and a hush o’r takes the din.

In lines of bright and cold, stark white
lie the honored colors, concealed from sight,
stand the many and face each rising sun,
reminding that for all, have fallen daughter and son.

Into valor, into glory the lines of souls have gone,
before so weary, now in peace for the worst is done.
Sod is driven, stone impressed, forming the lines of white.
Bold colors fly, lines of red, hailing those lines of white.

 ~By E.A. Henson

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