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Tessa Collins and the Jaded Jewel Thief available on Amazon!

JJTTessa Collins and the Jaded Jewel Thief is available on Amazon in hard copy and kindle eBook!  Spread the word to middle grade readers you know.

The excitement continues in the Tessa Collins mystery series.  A refreshing story for readers, Tessa’s adventures are sure page turners.  E.A. Henson’s cast of characters come alive as the reader plunges into Tessa’s world.  A spunky sidekick and best friend, a family bonded strongly after loss, and a not-so-willing but helpful older cousin make their way across the stage of the town of Hayward.

This time the fun continues in E.A. Henson’s newest novelette:

Tessa Collins and the Jaded Jewel Thief

An expert jewel thief has repeatedly struck in the neighboring county and authorities are on alert. When her local shop is targeted, Tessa Collins, teenage sleuth, is on the case. This time she has a hunch who is behind the robbery but no one believes her. To prove her theory and catch the thief red handed, Tessa decides to set some bait.

Keeping secrets from her best friend, pairing up with a complicated ally, and keeping her father, the town’s sheriff, out of the loop become Tessa’s uncomfortable new norm.

With no one to turn to for help, will Tessa’s bait lead the thief right to her? Join Tessa as she tries to stay a step ahead of a determined thief. She may soon discover that things don’t always go according to plan.

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