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New Peter’s Chance Cover!

Wanted to give a shout out for Peter’s Chance.  My book is newly decked out with a snazzy cover. Check it out here!  I would also like to give a BIG thanks to my sister in law, Kelly Henson for the design and artwork.  Yet another example of how multi-talented she is.  Thank, Kelly!  I love it!

Peter cover

In E. A. Henson’s novel Peter’s Chance, Peter, an intelligent, ambitious, and mischievous he-elf, travels to the human world in disguise. A narrow escape solidifies his judgement that humanity has become increasingly dark and hopeless. While his recently graduated friends stress and celebrate through the application process to the Factory, Peter feels a greater burden to change the behavior of humans. However, his revolutionary new ideas and shortsightedness may cause more harm than good. Entering a competition as a novice against elves with years of master-level experience, intimidating encounters with his rival, and a single Christmas letter suddenly turn his world, and his perspective, upside down.

Peter’s Chance is a refreshingly upbeat fantasy novel that captures the imagination through the intricacies of the elven world and draws the reader subconsciously into Peter’s search for justice, recognition, and identity. You will find yourself totally absorbed by a realm of chimney transportation, enhanced hearing, and a world-wide espionage system.

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