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Lines of Many – For Our Veterans


I wrote this poem years ago now.  I wanted to repost it today in honor of those fallen Veterans that are not with us today.  As an Army brat, I hold the service of our men and women close to my heart.  On this day I want to thank my father for his esteemed service both past in his military career and present as he continues to serve our nation’s finest at the VA.  I also want to remember my mom’s father who served proudly and fought in the Korean War.  To all Veteran’s: Hooah! and thank you!

In lines of green and brown, grays and blues
all colors of honor, concealing hues,
have stood the many facing expectant dawn,
for freedom, family or values, ready weapons drawn.

Into chaos, into hell, those lines of shades have gone,
before so ready, then so weary before the worst is done.
Yet, driving on, pressing on until the lines are broken,
till colors are muted, lines red and a hush o’r takes the din.
In lines of bright and cold, stark white
lie the honored colors, concealed from sight,
stand the many and face each rising sun,
reminding that for all, have fallen many a son.

Into valor, into glory the lines of souls have gone,
before so weary, now in peace for the worst is done.
Sod is driven, stone impressed, forming the lines of white.
Bold colors fly, lines of red, hailing those lines of white.

 ~By E.A. Henson


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