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Great Read: “Michael Vey ~ The Prisoner of Cell 25”

In light of my last post, ‘The Orphaned’, which discussed the sad plight of books continuously donated to used book sales and which never find a ‘forever home’ I would like to take a moment to highlight a book I recently finished and believe to be a modern-classic.

Richard Paul Evans is the author of the Michael Vey series and has done a phenomenal job so far of creating an extraordinary plot line and a diverse cast of memorable characters.  From beginning to end, readers will find themselves engaged in the twisting storyline and laughing out loud at the witty dialogue.  The good guys are good and the bad guys are bad; there exists no wavering in the line of good and evil while a hope even for the worst of the bad guys remains until they show their resolution.

Harkening to timeless qualities of bravery, respect for fellow man, and stalwart resolution, “Michael Vey” breaths fresh life onto the stage of classic heroes.  Yet, the novel is very much 21st Century, enrapturing the Young Adult reader through the similarities with his or her life even amidst remarkable adventure.

The “Michael Vey ~ Prisoner of Cell 25” was already a bigger seller than “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” when it was first released and upon reading it you will quickly see why.  I look forward to continuing the series and highly recommend the “Michael Vey” books to Young Adult readers.

Below is a link to my review on Amazon if you would like to visit.

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